The Winter Carnival Legend

A long, long time ago, Astraios, the God of Starlight, and Eos, the Goddessof the Rosy-fingered Morn, were wed. Their union was blessed with five sons:Boreas, Titan, Euros, Zephyrus and Notos. The eldest, Boreas, was grantedtitle of King of Winds.

He gave each brother permanent reign over a great force and power. Titan wasgiven the blustery North wind. Euros was granted rule of the irresponsibleEast Wind. Zephyrus reigned over the bountiful West Wind. Notos ruled thebalmy South Wind. The brothers cavorted gaily over land and sea.

King Boreas, while on his extensive travels, came upon a winter paradise knowsas Minnesota. He paused to behold the enchanting beauty of a magnificent groupof seven gently sloping hills within whose embrace nestled a very beautifulcity. Boreas whistled in sheer ecstasy. “Historic Saint Paul and her SevenHills! An ideal place! I will make Saint Paul the capital of all my domains!It will henceforth be emblazoned throughout the world as the winter playgroundof the Realm of Boreas.”

Meanwhile, Vulcanus Rex, God of Fire – and the implacable enemy of King Boreas- crackled in defiant disclain. “By the great sword of Mars, I will temperthe blustering of Boreas with the heat and the roar of my forces.” He wastireless in his bitter resistance to all the festivities of Boreas.

Undaunted, King Boreas proclaimed a celebration in the spirit of gay Carnival.”So be it!”, shouted Boreas. “There will be a Carnival in Old Saint Paul!”Boreas selected a Prime Minister to coordinate preparations in all the principalities,provinces, and royal houses within the Realm of Saint Paul. And so, for tenglorious days there was a Carnival and many joyous celebrations in Saint Paul.Feasting, dancing, fun and frolic reigned over by King Boreas, “Aurora”Queen of the Snows – the fairest maiden in the Realm, and his brothers theFour Winds – each accompanied by a lovely princess from the Realm of Boreas.Klondike Kate, a lady of song and merriment, added her sassy but enchantingvoice to the festivities by singing of desire and sentiment. Senior King Winter,Queen of the Northlands, and their court contributed good will and wisdom,while Junior King Front, Queen of Snowflakes, and their Court added youthfulexuberance to the festivities.

On the tenth day of celebrating, Vulcanus Rex and his Krewe stormed the IcePalace and confronted King Boreas’s Guard. Upon the good counsel of the Queen,Boreas bade farewell to the people of his winter capital and, in the interestof peace and good will, he returned to dwell amongst the Gods of Olympus.

King Boreas and his Court looked forward to the time when summer’s warmthwould once again relinquish its hold on the Realm and the frosty atmosphereof winter would prevail.